• November Issue
    Vol. 2 No. 1 (2021)
  • May Issue
    Vol. 1 No. 2 (2021)

    JKTP publishes research articles, both field research and library research. The scope of articles accepted in JKTP publications is the study of tourism and applied tourism with various fields of science that are correlated with tourism. Collaboration between one or more scientific disciplines (interdisciplinary), whether directly or indirectly related to tourism is highly recommended for publication in this journal.

    In this issue, JKTP published seven articles with the following titles: (1) Tourism Value Chain of East Sumba and Southwest Sumba written by Hary Jocom et al.; (2) Public Perceptions of the Impact of the Development of the Ijen Crater Natural Tourism Park, written by Leily Rahmatin; (3) Development of “Pasiraman Pura Dalem Pingit and Pura Kusti” as a Spiritual Tourist Attraction in Batuan Village, Gianyar, written by I Made Darma Oka, et al.; (4) Community Participation as the Main Factor in the Development of the Kaba-Kaba Tourism Village, written by Putu Widya Darmayanti, et al.; (5) The impact of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the Regulation of Indonesian Tourism Business Law, written by Ni Wayan Merda Surya Dewi; (6) The Impact of Covid-19 on Bali Tourism in terms of the Social, Economic, and Environmental Sector (A Literature Review), written by A.A.A Ribeka Martha Purwahita, et al.; and (7) Foreign Investment Policy in Traditional Village-Based Tourism Development in Bali Province, written by Sumerti Asih, et al.


  • November Issue
    Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020)

    JKTP on this issue has published six articles, each of which has been reviewed using the double-blind review method. The titles of articles published on this issue are as follows: (1) SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT POLICY: THEORETICAL AND EMPIRICAL STUDY, written by Dewa Ayu Diyah Sri Widari; (2) THE CONCEPT OF PRASADA IN TAMAN AYUN MENGWI TEMPLE, BADUNG, written by Ni Gusti Ayu Nyoman Budiasih; (3) IDENTIFICATION OF CULTURAL TOURISM POTENTIAL IN PRAI IJING TRADITIONAL VILLAGE, WAIKABUBAK CITY DISTRICT, WEST SUMBA NTT, written by Fatrisia Yulianie and Fransiska FIla Hidayana; (4) TOURISM SECTOR RECOVERY EFFORT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, written by Ni Ketut Sutrisnawati, et al.; (5) ANALYSIS OF TOURIST PERCEPTIONS ON TOURISM INFRASTRUCTURE AND COMFORT OF TOURISM OBJECTS KERMON WATERFALL, YAWOSI DISTRICT, NORTH BIAK, written by Matulessy, et al.; and (6) USING VIRTUAL REALITY DEVICE AS AN INNOVATIVE STRATEGY TO TEACH VOCABULARY FOR TOURISM STUDENTS, written by I Nengah Laba, et al.